Features & Functionality

Which version control clients officially support Kaleidoscope 3?

Contact us if you use an app that you would like to see integrated with Kaleidoscope, or if one is missing from this list.

Are there any differences between the Direct Sale and Mac App Store versions of Kaleidoscope?

The Mac App Store version has some differences to comply with rules enforced by Apple:

  • The ksdiff command line tool that drives most integrations must be installed (and updated) using a separate download.
  • The integration with Android Studio cannot be configured automatically.
  • git and svn must be installed at /usr/bin/. The Direct Sale version can use xcrun to find them.
  • The app is running inside the app sandbox, the Direct Sale version is not. If you don't know what this means, you likely don't care.
  • Software updates offered free of charge are being delivered through the App Store.
What is ksdiff and why should I care?

Glad you asked! ksdiff is the Kaleidoscope command line tool. It's the way to start Kaleidoscope from the command line environment. We prepared a special page about ksdiff to tell you all about it.

Purchasing & Upgrading

Can I try Kaleidoscope before buying?

Absolutely! Download the latest version of Kaleidoscope from our web site and use it for up to 2 weeks before making a purchase decision. You are still free to decide how to purchase after trying it.

How do I purchase Kaleidoscope 3?

There are two main ways to purchase Kaleidoscope. See above for differences between those.

  1. Direct: Purchase Kaleidoscope directly from Leitmotif GmbH, via our partner FastSpring. Clicking a Open Store button in the app will bring you to the web store. In addition to offering single licenses, the web store offers purchasing of multiple licenses (at a discount) or upgrading your existing 2.x license(s).
  2. Mac App Store: Kaleidoscope 3 is also available on the Mac App Store. If you own Kaleidoscope 2 from the App Store, visit the upgrade page for more information.
Do you offer multiple license discounts, site licenses, …?

Yes, we do. Send us an email describing your license needs and we will get back to you shortly.

Is there an upgrade discount for Kaleidoscope 2 customers?

Yes, of course. The upgrade price for the Direct Sale version of Kaleidoscope 2 is USD69.99/69,99€ (plus VAT as applicable). The easiest way to upgrade is from within Kaleidoscope 3. Just click the Open Store button. Visit the upgrade page for more details.

Can I switch my license from the Mac App Store to Direct Sale version (or vice versa)?

The Direct Sale version of Kaleidoscope 3 will detect a Mac App Store license of Kaleidoscope 3 (if it was previously installed and run once). Apple does not provide a means to transfer a Direct Sale license to a Mac App Store license.

I don't want to update to Kaleidoscope 3!

No problem. If you purchased Kaleidoscope 2, you are free to use that version as long as you like. If you accidentally updated to Kaleidoscope 3 and want version 2 back, download it here.

Is there a student discount for Kaleidoscope?

Please email Kaleidoscope Support for assistance. Include some proof of your academic status (such as photo of your Student ID, or at the least by emailing from your academic address).

Technical Support

How do I send feedback or ask for help?

Within Kaleidoscope, head to the Help menu and select either Contact Support… or Send Feedback…, or email us at support@kaleidoscope.app.

What are the system requirements for Kaleidoscope?

Kaleidoscope 3 requires macOS 12 Monterey or macOS 11 Big Sur. The most recent version of macOS 12 Monterey is recommended.

If you can't upgrade, feel free to download and use the latest version of Kaleidoscope 2. It works on Mac OS X 10.12 or later, including macOS 11.6 Big Sur. It may or may not work on future macOS versions.

Why can't I launch Kaleidoscope from my version control client?

Kaleidoscope requires installation of the Kaleidoscope command line tool (ksdiff) to work with version control clients, as well as command-line version control utilities such as git and svn. You can install ksdiff via the Integration option from the Kaleidoscope menu.

How do I activate Kaleidoscope on a new Mac?

Kaleidoscope can be activated by either using the Click to Activate link in your order confirmation email, or by downloading the license file from the same email, and dragging it into the Registration window.

I've lost my license email. How can I get a new copy of it?

Choose Help > Recover License… from the Kaleidoscope menu. Or send an email to Kaleidoscope Support for assistance. Please include your full name and the email address used to purchase.


Can’t find an answer to your question here? Send us an email and we’ll help you.