Purchasing & Upgrading

Can I try Kaleidoscope before buying?

Absolutely! Download the latest version of Kaleidoscope from our website and use it for up to 2 weeks before making a purchase decision. When you are ready to purchase, you’ll choose the subscription plan you want.

Where to download previous versions of Kaleidoscope?

If you own a previous version of Kaleidoscope, you are free to use that version as long as you like. In case you accidentally updated to Kaleidoscope 4 and want the previous version back: 

Download Kaleidoscope 3
Download Kaleidoscope 2

Purchases made through the Mac App Store can only be re-downloaded via the App Store app, in the Purchased section of your account. See 

Is there an upgrade discount for current Kaleidoscope customers?

If you purchased Kaleidoscope 2 or 3, you will get the first year of your Kaleidoscope 4 subscription at 50% off. If you purchased Kaleidoscope 3 on January 1, 2023 or later, you will get the first year completely free of charge. Visit the upgrade page to get started, also if you previously purchased on the App Store.

Is there a student discount for Kaleidoscope?

Yes. Please contact Kaleidoscope Support for assistance. Include proof of your academic status (such as photo of your student ID) or email us from your academic address to be considered.


Do I need a subscription to run Kaleidoscope?

Kaleidoscope 4 is a subscription-based product. An active subscription is required to use the app. Once the subscription has ended, you can no longer use Kaleidoscope 4.

If you own a license to Kaleidoscope 3 or Kaleidoscope 2, you can use that for as long as you like, even after having been subscribed to Kaleidoscope 4. Contact us if you require help retrieving your previous license.

How long does a subscription run?

A subscription is active once you purchase a yearly or monthly plan. By default, it will renew automatically. It ends after being canceled, either by you or by a repeatedly failing payment. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

From the moment you cancel until the end of the period (one month or one year from the start/renewal), you can still use Kaleidoscope 4.

Can I disable auto-renewing?

You can purchase a plan and then immediately cancel it. This will give you access to Kaleidoscope 4 for the entire period, but the subscription will not automatically renew at the end of that period. Then, you are free to purchase a new subscription at your convenience.

Is there a one-time purchase option for Kaleidoscope 4?

Kaleidoscope 4 is a subscription-based product and there is no one-time purchase.

Can I use Kaleidoscope 4 and Kaleidoscope 3 at the same time?

Let us know why would you want to do that.

Technical Support

How do I send feedback or ask for help?

Within Kaleidoscope, head to the Help menu and select either Contact Support… or Send Feedback…, or email us at In the later case, please include relevant information, such as the version of Kaleidoscope and the macOS version you are using. We love to hear your feedback and welcome feature requests!

What are the system requirements for Kaleidoscope?

Kaleidoscope 4 requires macOS Ventura (Version 13.x) or later and is fully compatible with macOS Sonoma (Version 14.x). The most recent (non-beta) macOS version is generally recommended.

Why can't I launch Kaleidoscope from my version control client?

The Kaleidoscope command line tool (ksdiff) is typically required for integration with version control clients, as well as command-line version control utilities such as git and svn. Install ksdiff via the Integration entry from the Kaleidoscope menu. Configure specific integrations in the same window.

How do I activate Kaleidoscope on a new Mac?

Signing in to your Kaleidoscope account within the app will automatically activate the subscription on that Mac.

I've lost my license email. How can I get a new copy of it?

You no longer need a license email. Sign in to your account to manage data or download invoices. Send us an email if you need assistance. Please include your full name and the account email address.

How does a Kaleidoscope account work?

To use Kaleidoscope, you need a subscription that is associated with an account. Account is a fancy word for subscription data associated with an email address. Creating an account and logging in to it works identically: enter the email address of your account, either within the app or at You will then receive an email at the account address. Click the link in that message and you will be automatically logged in to your Kaleidoscope account. From there, you can purchase a subscription or manage an existing one.

Can I see what changed between versions?

Sure, visit our Release Notes page. Did you know that these are also available inside Kaleidoscope? From the menu, select Window > Welcome to Kaleidoscope, then click What’s New in the sidebar.



Can't find an answer to your question on our website or build-in help (Help menu > Kaleidoscope Help)?

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Copyright © 2024 Leitmotif GmbH. Kaleidoscope is a registered trademark.

Copyright © 2024 Leitmotif GmbH. Kaleidoscope is a registered trademark.

Copyright © 2024 Leitmotif GmbH. Kaleidoscope is a registered trademark.