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Spot the differences in text and image files, or even folders full of files. Review changes in seconds, with the world's most powerful file comparison and merge app.

Git Merge Context

Kaleidoscope 4.2 adds relevant context when resolving a merge conflict from Git, making it easier to maintain your sanity while working on tricky merges. Always clearly see what you are merging and which commits lead to the conflict. Reading the commit messages can provide you with the missing piece of the puzzle to understand why the code no longer automatically merges.

Git File History

New in Kaleidoscope 4.1: The File History Inspector shows all the revisions of that file. Click a revision on the list, and you get a popover with even more details about the commit. We’ve made it so easy to quickly find and select which revisions you want to compare. See Release Notes.

Kaleidoscope 4

Kaleidoscope integrates even more tightly with your workflows and adds highly-requested features like syntax coloring and merge editing.

Syntax Coloring

Kaleidoscope renders your source code visually appealing and easier to read by applying customizable styling with multiple built-in themes. All popular languages are supported.

Comparison ➔ Merge

Have you always wanted to manually edit text in a comparison? Use the new Convert to Merge command and make the changes you want!

Text Filters

Powerful filters clean up diffs by removing irrelevant data, such as time stamps, object addresses and unique identifiers, and make it easy to see the important differences.

Kaleidoscope Prism

A new helper app in the menu bar makes it even easier to get content into Kaleidoscope! Includes a drop window and shortcuts.

Debugger Integration

Welcome Python developers! Now you can launch a comparison directly from your debugger. 

Many Refinements

File metadata comparison, better menu structure, a modernized look, and much, much more make Kaleidoscope an even greater pleasure to use.

Features for Developers

Resolve Merge Conflicts

Working on a branch? Merging changes is sometimes hard—we’ve all been there. Let Kaleidoscope help you merge your changes cleanly and easily on first attempt. Choose the layout that suits you best so you can see what has changed where and what the best merge might be.

3-Way Merge

See what was changed on each branch and focus on final result in the center:

Try the Unified Layout

Kaleidoscope offers the best Three-Way merge handling with the Unified Layout. Instead of just showing you text side by side, Unified layout interleaves your possible choices on the left with your final output on the right, providing a concise, readable, and delightful way to merge.

Code Review in one clear Changeset

Want to see exactly what your coworker did in that changeset? Or just learn something new by reviewing a change in an open-source repository? Or do you need to review a change later? Kaleidoscope gives you a great overview and helpful features to focus on what matters.

Discover more exciting features for developers

Works with content from anywhere!

Files and folders

There is several ways to open your files and folders in Kaleidoscope, besides using the File > Open menu option, including:

  • Drag-and-drop onto the Welcome window, the Dock icon, or any open Kaleidoscope window

  • Copy files to the Clipboard and paste them in Kaleidoscope.

  • Use the Share menu in any app that supports it.

  • Right-click to bring up the context menu, and use the Open in Kaleidoscope Service

Text or images

As long as you can select the text or image, you can work with it in Kaleidoscope:

  • Right-click a selection and choose Open in Kaleidoscope.

  • Copy your content to the Clipboard and use the Add from Clipboard button.

  • Use our Alfred workflow to speed up adding multiple items into Kaleidoscope.

  • And of course, ksdiff enables advanced command line magic.

Version Control systems

Kaleidoscope integrates with all popular version control systems.

(Looking for a version control system that's easy to use? Try Subversion with our own Versions client app.)

Kaleidoscope integrates with many popular developer tools.

Core Features




Focus on just the content

Sometimes you want to get rid of all the UI so you can focus on the content. Using a single shortcut, the new Reader view hides all non-essential window chrome. And our custom comparison engine finds the clearest way to display differences.

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Copyright © 2023 Leitmotif GmbH. Kaleidoscope is a registered trademark.

Copyright © 2023 Leitmotif GmbH. Kaleidoscope is a registered trademark.

Copyright © 2023 Leitmotif GmbH. Kaleidoscope is a registered trademark.