Text Scope Merging

Kaleidoscope can help you merge the text differences in your files.

Merging Text

Text Scope allows you to merge text from one file to another in your comparison.

  • Select the difference and choose to Move Left or Move Right using the arrow keys at the bottom of your window.

  • You can choose to keep both or none by selecting from the Merge menu item or by using the Option key while pressing the merge buttons.

  • To cancel out, you can simply Undo or close your comparison.

  • If you have any changes, just save the document like you normally would using a Save dialog.

VCS Text Merging

Kaleidoscope can help you merge text files that may have been conflicted in your version control system. Be sure you have set Kaleidoscope as your mergetool via the Integration menu for your source control management system:

Go to Kaleidoscope > Integration…

Resolve Conflicts

Use ksdiff to send your merge conflicts to Kaleidoscope.

Interactive Conflict Resolution

Git and Mercurial offer an interactive way to resolve your VCS merge conflicts.

Send to Kaleidoscope via your ksdiff settings Review differences.Choose which to keep using the text merging tools.Save your changes by closing the comparison.Review your next conflicts.Finish up and confirm your changes in the Terminal.

Non-Interactive Conflict Resolution

You can send your Subversion and Bazaar conflicts to Kaleidoscope with the command line via ksdiff.

Send to Kaleidoscope via your ksdiff settings.Review differences and merge any changes.Save your changes.Mark your files as resolved in your VCS tool.