Printing and Exporting as PDF

Text Diffs can be printed to paper using a physical printer or exported to a PDF file for sharing with others.

To get started, make sure to have the comparison you want to print or export visible in a document as side A and B.


  • Printing will generally try to honor your current view settings. E.g., if your document is set to show Line Numbers, those line numbers will also appear in print.

  • Lines will always be wrapped to the available column width, otherwise long lines would span multiple pages.

  • Printing/exporting will always happen side by side (Blocks View). Fluid and Inline layouts are currently not supported.


Go to File > Print…

You'll see the typical macOS print view where you can select a printer, paper format, and many other settings, some depending on the selected printer model.

Click the Show Details button in the lower-left area if present.

In the bottom right area, you'll find a setting to specify the Font Size for printing. Changing it will immediately update the preview on the left.

Depending on content and font size, setting the layout to landscape orientation may be good for readability.


Go to File > Export as PDF…

You will immediately be presented with a Save dialog, asking you to specify a destination location and file name for the exported PDF file.

To specify page size, layout, and font size, click the Show Details button at the bottom of the view. Depending on the width of your content, setting the layout to landscape orientation may be good for readability.