Text Diffs can be shared in various ways by using the share button in the main toolbar, as common on macOS. To get started, make sure to have the comparison you want to share visible in a document as side A and B. Then click the Share button to see a menu of available options, such as AirDrop, Mail or Messages.

Save Patch File…

A patch file can be used to apply changes to another file, typically source code. It is being used in software development and based on the command line tools diff and patch. Starting with version 3.7, Kaleidoscope can write patch files that can later be applied using the patch tool or apps that support importing of patches.

After selecting Save Patch File… you will see a save dialog that asks you to specify a destination location and file name for the file. Click Export to confirm.


  • Content that has been processed in memory, such as normalized JSON, cannot be written to a patch file. This would be contrary to the idea of a patch file.

Export as PDF…

This is a convenient way to access the very same functionality as File > Export as PDF…. Please see Printing and Export as PDF for further details.

AirDrop, Messages, Mail, …

Kaleidoscope will on-the-fly create a web representation of your comparison, which will then be shared. By default, macOS Monterey includes sharing options for AirDrop, Messages, Mail and Notes that can be used from Kaleidoscope.

Available items in the Share menu below Save Patch File… and Export as PDF… depend on apps that are installed on your system and which Share Extensions are enabled.

Configuring Share ExtensionsOn macOS Monterey, open System Preferences, locate Extensions and select Share Menu from the sidebar to see all available extensions and to configure the menu. Use the checkbox buttons to toggle and drag & drop to specify the order of extensions.On macOS Ventura, open System Settings, select Privacy & Security from the sidebar, scroll all the way down to Extensions (in Others), then select Sharing in the following screen. A new window will open. Use the checkbox buttons to toggle extensions.

To share the current comparison, select one of the entries in the Share menu. Depending on the sharing method used, you may be asked to provide additional information, such as, in case of Messages, the contact you want to share the comparison to.


  • Sharing will always happen side by side (Blocks View). Fluid and Inline layouts are currently not supported.