Using The File Shelf

Once you have started a comparison the File Shelf, located at the top of Kaleidoscope's main window, shows you the files that have been imported.

Opening and Closing

You can open and close the File Shelf using one of the following methods:

  • Choose View > Show File Shelf / Hide File Shelf.

  • Click the File Shelf button in the window toolbar.

A and B

Two of the items in the File Shelf are always marked as A and B. These are the two items that are used in the comparison at any given time. By default, in Kaleidoscope, file A is considered the older of the two and file B the newer version.

You can change which files are selected as A and B using one of the following methods:

  • Click the A or B button in an unmarked item in the File Shelf will make that item A or B.

  • Click the A or B button on a marked item will swap A and B.

  • Double-click any item to make it B. When double-clicking the A item, you will swap A and B.

  • Go to the Edit menu and choose one of the selection options.

  • Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the selection forwards and backwards.

File Shelf Item Actions

Click the small chevron down button in a file shelf item to choose from the following options. You can also control or right-click the whole item for the same options:

Open With…
Allows you to open the file in an external application of your choice.

Reveal in Finder
Will open the Finder with the file selected.

Copy Path
Will copy the entire file path onto the pasteboard.

Select as A, Select as B
Select that item to be shown as A or B.

Set Display Name
Lets you enter a custom name for that item. This can be helpful with identifying items with undistinguishable or generic names.

Removes the item from the File Shelf.

Reordering, Removing and Adding Items

You can reorder the files by dragging them around.

You can remove items from the File Shelf by using one of the following methods:

  • Click on the chevron button on the item and choose "Remove" from the menu.

  • Drag the item vertically out of the File Shelf.

You can add a new file to the comparison by using one of the following methods:

  • Click on the "Add File" button in the toolbar on the top right of the window.

  • Double-click on an empty portion of the File Shelf.

  • Right-click on an empty portion of the File Shelf and choose "Add File…" from the contextual menu.

Naming Items

In some situations, particularly with lots of items that don't have useful names, such as items from the clipboard or other integrations, it can be helpful to set a display name for an item. Setting a display does not change anything in your file system.

To set a display name:

  • Double-click the name of an item.

  • Select "Set Display Name" from the context menu of an item.