A WinMerge alternative that perfectly fits your new Mac

Changing platforms can both be a hassle and a joy. Checking if all your beloved tools work on macOS certainly falls into the former. And in this case it is only possible to run over Wine. And here you will miss out on the perfect integration that an native app like Kaleidoscope will offer you.

Both Kaleidoscope and WinMerge are capable of finding changes in source code or any other text, comparing folders and images. And allows developers to resolve conflict files.

Advanced Developer Features

Developers can take advantage of the deep version control system (git, hg, svn) integration.

File History

Get the file history of a single file from in a Git repository. When opening a single file that happens to be inside a Git repository there’s a inspector on the far right hand side of the window: File History. It shows all revisions of that file in the Git repository. Explore and compare any two versions by choosing from the File History, either by clicking the A or B buttons.

Code Review of Feature Branches

It is also good practice to review a finished feature in its feature branch before merging it back to the main line. This is where the Changeset functionality in Kaleidoscope comes in handy. It provides you with a list with all the file that have been changed. You can filter that list down, for example using a set of file extensions, to only source code to review while ignoring other assets.

Resolving Conflicts

A conflict arises if the commit to be merged in has a change in one place, and the current commit has a change in the same place. Git has no way of telling which change should take precedence.

Version control systems are all about managing contributions between multiple distributed authors. And a visual merge tool with 3-way merge helps you resolving such conflicts with ease.

No more head scratching about inline merge conflicts marked with <<<<<<< HEAD, ======= and ending with >>>>>>> .

Take Kaleidoscope for a spin

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Copyright © 2024 Leitmotif GmbH. Kaleidoscope is a registered trademark.

Copyright © 2024 Leitmotif GmbH. Kaleidoscope is a registered trademark.

Copyright © 2024 Leitmotif GmbH. Kaleidoscope is a registered trademark.