Release Notes

Kaleidoscope 3.4.4

(2070) Direct - (2070.01) App Store

June 2, 2022

  • New
    • Kaleidoscope is now part of our new company, Leitmotif GmbH.
      The team behind Kaleidoscope remains the same!
  • Fixes
    • Under certain circumstances, printing or exporting a document would not print/export the entire document.
    • Fix multiple issues related to merging, in particular when combining typing, merging and undo/redo.

    Kaleidoscope 3.4.3

    (2067) Direct - (2067.01) App Store

    May 25, 2022

    • Fixes
      • Switching the View mode once again retains the scroll position.
      • Fix an issue where opening a diff or merge would not scroll to the first change/conflict.
      • Fix a potential crash when opening a merge document.
      • Fix a crash when switching System Appearance after having closed a merge.
      • Fix a rare crash when switching views.
      • Fix a potential crash when opening and closing a lot of documents.
      • Improve performance when closing large documents.
      • The bottom toolbar no longer allows making changes to text imported from PDF or Word documents.

      Kaleidoscope 3.4.2

      (2063) Direct - (2063.01) App Store

      May 13, 2022

      • Fixes
        • Printing now also works in the App Store version.
        • Fix for a potential crash in the changeset window.

      Kaleidoscope 3.4.1

      (2062) Direct - (2062.01) App Store

      May 11, 2022

      • Fixes
        • When opening large files with a merge conflict, it could happen that the first conflict was not selected and navigation would not work afterwards.
        • When repeatedly opening documents in Kaleidoscope from other apps (such as Ulysses), Kaleidoscope would open a new window for each file, instead of showing them in a comparison. (BTW, as of Kaleidoscope 3.4 you can drag items from the File Shelf onto other windows.)
        • Fix cases where files opened through the Kaleidoscope Share Extension could disappear.
        • The window resize animation is now faster.

        Kaleidoscope 3.4

        (2061) Direct

        May 10, 2022

        • New
          • Printing! Text comparisons can now be saved as PDF or be printed on paper. For the first time, you can share what you see in Kaleidoscope with others. This works both for normal file comparisons and changesets. Note: landscape orientation is recommended when printing source code. Let us know if you like this new feature and how well it fits your needs!
          • Some text editors have a mini map– Kaleidoscope now features a micro map showing an overview of all changes in a text comparison within the scroll bar.
          • Modified (and unsaved) files in a changeset window are now shown in italics in the sidebar.
          • Items can be dragged from the File Shelf of one window onto another window to move them.
        • Improvements
          • Major parts of the user interface have been modernized under the hood. Everything should work at least as well as before. Let us know if you find any glitches.
          • Tabs in Kaleidoscope are now macOS-native. While this should result in no major changes, is is another massive technical change for this release.
          • Kaleidoscope now honors configuration files (such as .gitconfig) if they are a symlinks.
          • The Path Bar now makes better use of the available space.
          • Windows can now be closed also when not active. Finding a solution for this took way longer than you would expect.
          • The Open in Terminal action available from several contextual menus is now also available in the App Store version.
        • Fixes
          • Shortcut actions that would sometimes not work as expected have been fixed.
          • Dragging files into Kaleidoscope, e.g. screenshots from the (iOS) Simulator now works consistently and no longer crashes.
          • Configuring git now works even if there is no .gitconfig file yet.
          • Plus a few of the usual "overall stability and performance improvements".

        Kaleidoscope 3.3

        (2050) Direct - (2050.01) App Store

        March 15, 2022

        • New
          • Kaleidoscope Developer Tools for Safari. Compare HTML or CSS code, or use the new ksdiff function in the JavaScript console or debugger to find bugs in your code.
          • Kaleidoscope for Visual Studio Code. This new extension lets you open files, git changesets and git merges quickly from VSCode.
          • Finding invisible character differences. Kaleidoscope can now visualize invisible UTF characters (like U+FEFF) and spot differences including them. There's also a new option to show invisible characters in the whole document.
        • Improvements
          • The Share Menu Extension will now try to reuse an existing window for new content of the same kind.
          • Added documentation for the Services support that always existed, the Share Extension, and the new integrations.
        • Fixes
          • Several bugfixes.

        Kaleidoscope 3.2.2

        (2042) Direct - (2042.01) App Store

        February 9, 2022

        • Fixes
          • This time for real, fix a regression with merges where a sidebar would erratically appear.
          • Fix more regressions where the sidebar in changesets would cover half the window width and not be resizable.
          • Kaleidoscope would often crash when being opened from Versions.
          • The view options in Folder Comparisons would sometimes change on their own when inspecting folders.
          • The middle mouse button can now be used to close tabs, as is common on macOS.

          Kaleidoscope 3.2.1

          (2040) Direct - (2040.01) App Store

          February 4, 2022

          • Improvements
            • Add a context menu option to copy the relative path, if one exists. Hat tip to Brett.
          • Fixes
            • Fix a regression from version 3.2, where 3-way merge documents would show a large empty sidebar.
            • [App Store] Try to work around macOS showing is damaged and can't be opened. Please contact us if it still happens.
            • A few more minor fixes.

            Kaleidoscope 3.2

            (2039) Direct - (2039.01) App Store

            January 31, 2022

            • New
              • A new Share Extension brings Kaleidoscope even closer to where your content is. Use it from the Finder or any other app that supports sharing. At this point, we no longer know how we were able to use Kaleidoscope previously.
              • The Changeset window gains new tricks:
                • Better progress display while loading
                • Animations in the table view. You won't believe how many hoops we had to go through for this.
                • The font size in the sidebar can now be controlled, see the brand new context menu.
                • That context menu also allows opening a pair of changed files in a new window.
                • Still in that context menu, you can now get to the selected file in the current working copy, in case it exists there.
                • The path shown for files in changesets is more useful.
                • The sidebar of the changeset window can be resized (and even hidden in Reader View).
              • ksdiff now support process substitution, so you can call it like ksdiff <(sort file1) <(sort file2)
            • Improvements
              • Once again, lots of work to improve folder comparisons. In particular:
                • A progress bar gives you feedback on how far the comparison has evolved.
                • You can speed up processing quite a bit by limiting exact file comparison. See the preferences for details.
                • More bug fixes to make folder comparisons more reliable and faster.
              • The Alfred workflow gained another action to open immediately selected files using a hotkey.
              • You can now opt in to receive betas of future Kaleidoscope versions.
              • The Ignore Whitespace toolbar button is back for changesets. Be advised that it only will do anything meaningful when inspecting changes that are not already committed.
              • The display name in the File Shelf can now contain slashes, but not colons, much like file names in the Finder.
              • Command-clicking the file name in the titlebar now always shows file A. That also works for 3-way merges.
            • Fixes
              • The separate ksdiff Installer now also starts on macOS 12.2, but lacks a background image in dark appearance. A combination of both seems not viable at this point.
              • Image conflicts can once again be resolved.
              • Fixed a few potential crashes in various places.
              • Lots of smaller fixes in various areas.

            Kaleidoscope 3.1.3

            (2027) Direct - (2027.01) App Store

            December 31, 2021

            • New
              • New single-click integration with Android Studio to use Kaleidoscope as diff and merge tool. Android developers also deserve some fun.
              • Copy/paste or drag of XCTest logs into Kaleidoscope to have them shown as a diff. This is a lot of fun when you're dealing with structures like JSON in test results.
            • Improvements
              • The Date Modified and Size columns of the folder views now use a fixed-width font for better readability
            • Fixes
              • Various fixes, improving the reliability of the folder comparison

              Kaleidoscope 3.1.2

              (2022) Direct - (2022.01) App Store

              November 15, 2021

              • Improvements
                • (Direct only) Improve the Register Kaleidoscope window with additional details
                • Items opened as part of a folder comparison no longer get added to the Recent Documents menu
              • Fixes
                • The "Open in New Window" option in the open dialog is now off by default, restoring previous behavior
                • Fix a sporadic crash when closing documents while scrolling
                • Fix a regression in the Integration window
                • Fix a text color issue in dark mode

                Kaleidoscope 3.1.1

                (2020) Direct - (2020.01) App Store

                November 10, 2021

                • New
                  • Integration with IDEs from JetBrains, like IntelliJ IDEA, AppCode, PhpStorm and others. Open Kaleidoscope > Integration… for details.
                • Fixes
                  • Fix crash on switching views in three way merge.
                  • Fix ksdiff to include Apple silicon (Apple M1 chip) support.
                  • Fix ksdiff to continue without waiting for stdin pipe to close with new --no-stdin option.

                Kaleidoscope 3.1

                (2018) Direct - (2018.01) App Store

                October 25, 2021

                • New
                  • On macOS Monterey, Shortcuts support is here with two actions: Compare Files and Compare Text
                  • Install the sample shortcut, offering a useful Quick Action for the Finder
                  • Open Kaleidoscope > Integration… to learn more.

                Kaleidoscope 3.0.3

                (2017) Direct - (2017.01) App Store

                October 20, 2021

                • Improvements
                  • Major fidelity improvements to the copy operation in folder compare. A huge thanks to Mike for helping us track this down.
                  • Improved color contrast for text in Dark Appearance.
                  • Ongoing UI consistency updates. Thanks Matt!
                • Fixes
                  • Fix an issue where the popup menus next to the Choose A and Choose B buttons were missing in three way merge.
                  • Fixed the underlying issue for an This app needs to be updated system alert on macOS 12, making it unnecessary and not appear.
                  • Fixed an issue that could make one side of the Folder compare disappear unexpectedly in certain rare situations.

                Kaleidoscope 3

                Version 3.0.2
                (2013) Direct - (2012.01) App Store

                October 6, 2021

                • Major Changes
                  • First big interface redesign in 8 years, including a new app icon. Kaleidoscope now feels at home on macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey.
                  • Gorgeous new dark appearance for those who like it darker.
                  • Runs natively on alls Macs, including those based on Apple silicon (Apple M1 chip).
                • New
                  • Reader View that lets you focus on the content.
                  • Much more control over how text is laid out: Better font options, choose your preferred tab width, line height, hide all invisibles, and turn off line numbers if you don’t need them.
                  • Convenient filtering of items in changeset windows.
                  • Git changesets now recognize moved files.
                  • Ability to ignore particular folders and files in folder compare using powerful patterns.
                  • Powerful integration with Alfred.
                • Improvements
                  • New consistent top toolbar with convenient Add and Paste buttons.
                  • New look for the Unified text view.
                  • Binary plists are now supported (including webloc files).
                  • Rebuilt the File Shelf from the ground up.
                  • Switch between absolute and relative image rendering directly from the menu.
                  • Progress feedback when adding a second folder to the folder scope.
                  • Proper sorting of the sidebar in changeset windows.
                  • Option to turn off wrapping around when jumping through changes/conflicts.
                • Fixes
                  • Way too many to note individually.