Release Notes

Kaleidoscope 3.1.2

(2022) Direct - (2022.01) App Store

November 15, 2021

  • Improvements
    • (Direct only) Improve the Register Kaleidoscope window with additional details
    • Items opened as part of a folder comparison no longer get added to the Recent Documents menu
  • Fixes
    • The "Open in New Window" option in the open dialog is now off by default, restoring previous behavior
    • Fix a sporadic crash when closing documents while scrolling
    • Fix a regression in the Integration window
    • Fix a text color issue in dark mode

    Kaleidoscope 3.1.1

    (2020) Direct - (2020.01) App Store

    November 10, 2021

    • New
      • Integration with IDEs from JetBrains, like IntelliJ IDEA, AppCode, PhpStorm and others. Open Kaleidoscope > Integration… for details.
    • Fixes
      • Fix crash on switching views in three way merge.
      • Fix ksdiff to include Apple silicon (Apple M1 chip) support.
      • Fix ksdiff to continue without waiting for stdin pipe to close with new --no-stdin option.

    Kaleidoscope 3.1

    (2018) Direct - (2018.01) App Store

    October 25, 2021

    • New
      • On macOS Monterey, Shortcuts support is here with two actions: Compare Files and Compare Text
      • Install the sample shortcut, offering a useful Quick Action for the Finder
      • Open Kaleidoscope > Integration… to learn more.

    Kaleidoscope 3.0.3

    (2017) Direct - (2017.01) App Store

    October 20, 2021

    • Improvements
      • Major fidelity improvements to the copy operation in folder compare. A huge thanks to Mike for helping us track this down.
      • Improved color contrast for text in Dark Appearance.
      • Ongoing UI consistency updates. Thanks Matt!
    • Fixes
      • Fix an issue where the popup menus next to the Choose A and Choose B buttons were missing in three way merge.
      • Fixed the underlying issue for an This app needs to be updated system alert on macOS 12, making it unnecessary and not appear.
      • Fixed an issue that could make one side of the Folder compare disappear unexpectedly in certain rare situations.

    Kaleidoscope 3

    Version 3.0.2
    (2013) Direct - (2012.01) App Store

    October 6, 2021

    • Major Changes
      • First big interface redesign in 8 years, including a new app icon. Kaleidoscope now feels at home on macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey.
      • Gorgeous new dark appearance for those who like it darker.
      • Runs natively on alls Macs, including those based on Apple silicon (Apple M1 chip).
    • New
      • Reader View that lets you focus on the content.
      • Much more control over how text is laid out: Better font options, choose your preferred tab width, line height, hide all invisibles, and turn off line numbers if you don’t need them.
      • Convenient filtering of items in changeset windows.
      • Git changesets now recognize moved files.
      • Ability to ignore particular folders and files in folder compare using powerful patterns.
      • Powerful integration with Alfred.
    • Improvements
      • New consistent top toolbar with convenient Add and Paste buttons.
      • New look for the Unified text view.
      • Binary plists are now supported (including webloc files).
      • Rebuilt the File Shelf from the ground up.
      • Switch between absolute and relative image rendering directly from the menu.
      • Progress feedback when adding a second folder to the folder scope.
      • Proper sorting of the sidebar in changeset windows.
      • Option to turn off wrapping around when jumping through changes/conflicts.
    • Fixes
      • Way too many to note individually.