Upgrade to Kaleidoscope 3

App Store Purchasers

If you purchased Kaleidoscope on the Mac App Store, we created a special Kaleidoscope 3 Upgrade Bundle for you. This bundle includes both Kaleidoscope 2 and Kaleidoscope 3, which means the price will be reduced from the full $149.99 (or equivalent in local currency) by the amount you paid for Kaleidoscope 2. Show me the bundle.

Direct Purchasers

If you originally purchased Kaleidoscope 2 from Black Pixel, Hypergiant or Letter Opener, update to version 3, either from within the app, or by downloading the new release. Follow the Open Store button inside the Kaleidoscope. This will pre-fill your order number. You may also manually fill in the form below.

The upgrade is available for a USD 69.99 one-time purchase. Free upgrade for purchases since March 1, 2021.

If you have issues with upgrading, please let us know (include relevant information), and we will help.

Upgrade Your License

Enter your Kaleidoscope 2 order number below to receive a discount for Kaleidoscope 3.
Find the order number in an email message from mailer@fastspring.com. It starts with BPXL.