Spot the differences,
merge in seconds.

Kaleidoscope is the world’s most powerful file comparison app. Compare different text files, images, and folders on your Mac and iPad. Review and merge changes in a matter of seconds (merging available only on the Mac).

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There’s no comparison.

Kaleidoscope is an integral part of the creative and professional process. Use it to unravel the complexity between multiple versions of a text file, image, or folder. Use it to get more done.

Kaleidoscope's Text Scope: Clarity in Milliseconds

Text Scope

Every word matters

Kaleidoscope's Image Scope: Spot the Differences

Image Scope

Every pixel counts

Kaleidoscope's Folder Scope: Information at a Glance

Folder Scope

Make things simple

Kaleidoscope's Workflow: Integrate with Anything

Your Workflow

Be more productive

Kaleidoscope text scope screenshot on iOS Kaleidoscope image scope screenshot on iOS Kaleidoscope folder scope screenshot on iOS Kaleidoscope workflow screenshot on iOS

Diff plain text files, native code, HTML, and .docs. Drill all the way down to line and character-level changes.

With exceptional performance and multiple modes, Kaleidoscope makes reviewing images fast, simple, and beautiful.

Compare any two directories or folders side-by-side to understand the intricate differences between them.

Use multitasking, Apple’s new document picker, and drag and drop.